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Strategic Design integrates a strategic mindset with a designer's toolkit. It offers a curated selection of proven design methods and techniques to guide your thinking toward action and transformation and improvement.

It is a reflective practice that fully engages you in the innovation process of need/ problem finding (ASK), problem framing (TRY), and problem solving (DO).

Strategic Design is a problem-solving, opportunity-seeking decision-making process. It is participatory

and emergent, rooted in user research. At their best, multidisciplinary teams blend creative and critical thinking techniques to cocreate, test, and launch resilient solutions to big picture or systemic challenges. - Designed Leadership, Moura Quayle.



Professor, Sauder School of Business.

Director pro tem, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs.

The University of British Columbia.

Moura is the founding Director pro tem of UBC’s new School of Public Policy and Global Affairs and a Professor in the UBC Sauder School of Business. Her teaching/research focus is strategic design in the Sauder and the UBC Policy Studio. She has been Deputy Minister of the B.C. Ministry of Advanced Education, B.C. Commissioner of Pacific Coast Collaborative, and Dean of UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

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Web Designer & Research Assistant

BA Art History, May 2020

UBC Arts Co-op student.

The University of British Columbia.

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist with 3.5 years of experience. I am passionate about business technology and innovation. As a globally-minded individual, originally from Peru, I was inspired to support diverse and vibrant communities in Vancouver through my work at the UBC Policy School, UBC Campus + Community Planning, UBC Graduate Student Society, the Latincouver Cultural & Business Society and the City of Vancouver.


At UBC, I have implemented integrated marketing communications campaigns that promote community engagement to build a liveable community.


I am also interested in the contemporary global art scene that underscores social issues.

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Assistant Professor,

Rotman School of Management. University of Toronto.

Dr. Angèle Beausoleil completed her PhD in Innovation and Design at UBC (Fall 2016), following a 25 year professional career as a strategist and lead-innovator for creative agencies, technology companies, consumer packaged brands, and non-profit companies. She balances teaching with design-focused research and development, advising global consulting agencies on new business models, new products and services. She is passionate about developing future innovators and supervises, advises, and mentors graduate and undergraduate students, along with other BC-based entrepreneurs. Angèle is also a guest lecturer at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Photo credits: Brian Job. India.
University of British Columbia (UBC)
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