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Project Team Members

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Lindsay Cole

Job Title

Lindsay has worked on several incredible initiatives with the City of Vancouver since 2010, and started the Solutions Lab in 2016. She is also a Ph.D. candidate and Public Scholar at the University of British Columbia, and a homeschooling parent. The part of the CoP that she loves the most is co-creating a wholehearted community of creative intrapreneurs, working to change the stuck structures and mindsets that hold our most complex challenges in place. She loves reimagining what local government needs to become in this complex and rapidly changing time. Lindsay’s favourite tool is the Theorizing Public Sector Innovation flower, because it was so darn difficult to make! She also loves working with feedback loops - both in the CoP, using yarn to make loops on big and messy iceberg maps, and also when stuck in a feedback loop of stubborness with her kid.

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